The Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly popular way to use the internet on phones. Despite it being much easier to look up a website, apps run better, and are often tailored to suit a mobile experience, which is why they’re so popular. These days, around 90% of mobile internet usage is spent in apps – yet many top businesses report having an almost equal amount of app and browser traffic on their websites.

So how do big companies get so much traffic on mobile web browsers, despite most people using apps?

The reason behind this ultimately boils down to one thing: accessibility. Many big companies offer something most do not – progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are a special type of website that works like an app. It lets visitors to your site do everything they can normally do in an app, without ever having to download it. With a web app, the 10% of people using browsers on mobile devices immediately have access to your service; this allows you to reach every possible customer you can.

Web apps are a great tool for not only promoting your app and business, but also saving on money. By designing a web app, you only need one design across all platforms, rather than having to spend money on a desktop website, a phone website, and an app for each mobile platform. Progressive web apps are scalable, meaning they can be made to fit on any device or screen.

They also serve as a great gateway point for people to become interested in your app. Research shows that most people only use a handful of apps on their phone on a regular basis, so it’s important to hook people in. They may use your website’s web app service for a while, then once that initial trust is formed, decide to finally download your app for a smoother experience. This creates a base of long-term users which may have otherwise not known about your app service, nor have been interested in downloading it. Ultimately, it ends in more business for you.

Overall, progressive web apps are an incredibly important tool in online business endeavours. As the amount of mobile web traffic increases, it is becoming vital for companies to capture the mobile demographic. Even missing out on 10% of your potential customers in this growing market can be a big missed opportunity.

If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of a native or progressive web app for your business, contact us! We would love to talk.

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