4 Reasons Why the Oculus Quest is the Future of VR

Since its release in May, the Oculus Quest has been the focus of many VR enthusiasts. It’s not hard to see why – its competitive price point, and unique offerings make it a tempting purchase. Here at Cognishift Technologies, we finally gave in and bought one; so now we’re here to give you our personal thoughts and opinions on the device.


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for the headset, the Oculus Quest is extremely portable. It has built-in tracking and doesn’t require a computer to be used. This means you can take it anywhere you want, whether that’s to a friend’s place, a business meeting, or your backyard. Don’t believe us? We tried it out at the esplanade near the office – see the results for yourself.

Pretty cool, right?

It’s Affordable

For a headset with the ability to be taken anywhere you want, you might think that it would cost a fortune. However, Oculus has impressed the general consumer with a competitive price point: only $800AUD. For VR, this is relatively cheap, especially when compared to other headsets, such as HTC’s Vive Pro, which costs a hefty $1,900AUD, plus the price of a gaming PC to use it. For people who can’t suddenly cough up a lung, the Quest is a great introduction into VR.

Fewer Movement Restrictions

On top of the portability it provides, the Quest is great at letting people get more immersed in simulations. It offers a large play area, which means that you can walk around in a larger space when you have it on. This offers more opportunities in the realm of training. Rather than simply having a small section of a workplace for someone to move around in, they could move around a small building. The days of being chained via chords and equipment are gone.

Using VR while skydiving is a bit drastic, but it feels just as freeing when using the Quest.

Excellent for Training

In general, the Quest is perfectly suited for use in training. Its relatively low price point and accessibility means that many people can pick it up and try it. It offers an experience on par with computer-based VR, meaning that people are no longer tethered to simple mobile phone experiences. With the full power of VR at your disposal, but in a much easier to use form, this means you can train your employees virtually anywhere you want. 

No longer are you forced to use cheap, budget mobile phone VR that acts more as a 360 video player, or suffer the restriction of expensive headsets that require you to have an even more expensive computer. The era of annoying power cords and setup are behind us. The Quest is the best of both worlds for people looking into VR training, and could revolutionise the way people see workplace training and virtual reality going forward.

At Cognishift Technologies, we plan on utilising this technology in the future. Stay tuned for updates on VR projects and news!

If you’re interested in the ways that untethered VR can benefit you, feel free to Contact Us.

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