Five Reasons Flutter is the Future of App Development

These days, there are so many mobile technologies out there it`s hard to choose when starting a new project. Companies that fail to create services that are simple to use, regardless of digital platform, risk falling prey to the competition. Lately, there have been various mobile frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, AngularJS and more that claim to help make it easier to produce the omnipresent experiences demanded by customers. Google has recently entered the fray with a new framework: Flutter. Let`s see what it has to offer.

Truly Cross Platform User Experience

Tired of creating and maintaining multiple versions of the same product, finding a truly cross platform approach has been the holy grail of developers for over a decade. However, most cross platform solutions have fallen short when it comes to developer productivity and app performance. Flutter is different, it has all the advantages of the “write once” approach while delivering a high performance native experience. In addition, Flutter developers recently announced it will soon be ready for Desktop and the Web!

Exponential Increase in Productivity

Flutter boasts a new feature called “Hot Reload“, which allows you to test changes made to the UI of an app in less than one second; and changes to overall app behaviour in less than ten. Every time you hit CTRL + S, the changes you`ve made are pushed to the app running live on your devices. The days of making coffee while waiting for Gradle or X-Code are long gone, you no longer have an excuse to slack off. Changes can be made in real time while sitting next to users / designers, drastically improving your freedom to experiment and play with new ideas on the fly.

Powerful Design, Ready to Go!

With flutter it`s easier than ever to create smooth and crisp experiences out of the box. The extensive catalogue of individual widgets work together to ensure a consistent user interface. Everything you see with flutter is a widget, it feels like playing with Lego while having the ability to print your own Lego bricks. Implementing a design straight from an Adobe XD or Sketch design spec almost feels like following Lego instructions.

Seamless Continuous Integration

If you`re like me, you can`t live without a good CI/CD pipeline. Luckily, the folks at have created a solution specifically for Flutter apps, allowing you to build test and deliver in record time. Unlike many CI solutions out there, codemagics simplicity and minimalism means I`ve never had a problem with it.

Bountiful Backend

Easy integration with Googles Firebase and Cloud service ensures easy access to storage, cloud functions, real time databases, authentication, machine learning and more. This makes creating and scaling a Minimum Viable Product easier than ever as you`ll no longer have to pour resources into creating your backend. In addition, Flutter has an extensive library of open source packages ready to use in an instant, making your life much easier.

There are plenty more reasons why Flutter is the future, if I`ve piqued your interest you should head on over to and check it out for yourself. Also take a look at the Flutter youtube channel filled with all sorts of goodies. With the recent release of Flutter 1.2 it`s proven itself to be ready for production, so don`t be afraid to jump into it!

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