Five Ways to Use AI in Your Business Applications

You`ve probably heard some prophecies of the destruction AI is going to bring upon the world, but what can we do with AI in the meantime? Here are a just few ways your business can integrate AI into web and mobile applications.

Use a Bot to Answer Customer Queries

Chat bots can interact naturally with customers on your website or app, enabling intelligent and memorable conversations with your brand. Bots are capable of using structured data to answer customer queries, making recommendations based on personalized customer preferences and can even order a product / service on behalf of a customer. Developers are able to imbue bots with a personality that suits your brand, bringing your brand to life through a seemingly human interface.

Use AI to Search Unstructured Data

Do you have a tonne of data you can`t make sense of? With AI you can turn that unstructured mess into valuable insights and structured information to help drive business decisions. A variety of AI algorithms such as Computer Vision and Natural Language Understanding can be brought together with large volumes of numerical data, text, images, audio and video to provide actionable search results.

Use Voice Interactions to Improve User Experience

Voice recognition is a powerful addition to any application, enabling fluid and seamless conversational interactions. The obvious examples are Google Home and Amazon Alexa, where developers can create branded apps for the voice interfaces to allow convenient access to your brand within the home. When combined with virtual or augmented reality, voice recognition can enable conversations with virtual characters, opening up infinite possibilities for education, training, entertainment and more.

Use Computer Vision to Analyze Live Video

Smart Video driven by AI is a growing trend within the Internet of Things. It enables real time recognition of objects and people in the real world, opening up possibilities for health / safety, manufacturing quality control, retail, advertising, entertainment and more. Machines can be trained to recognize and report abnormalities, whether through a security camera or an employee / customer phone camera. Smart video in shops can allow analysis of consumer behavior, such as tracking physical movement through stores and emotional reactions to products or environments.

Use Text Recognition to Speed Up Form Inputs

Forcing users to fill out boring forms is a sure way to lose their engagement. Luckily, AI can help by accelerating the form filling process. Documents can be scanned with a phone camera and AI can detect which parts of the document relate to certain fields, saving lots of user time.

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